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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bruno responds with some insightful information

Mo..... Finally a quarter that missed street estimates - by a penny....
I find it interesting that total cig revenue continues to decline but mo grew market share of Marlboro brand.... Smokeless declining volume is a bigger concern but as I read more the point was made a lot of smokeless products are used outdoors... Construction types, athletics think softball.... Etc.... With the winter we are having who is going outside to smoke or dip... Wine business good but is a small part.... SAB Miller shares continue to provide diversification and cash....restructured long term debt from 4.3 to 3.6 billion by better interest rates. Company continues cost cutting structure. So going forward????? What does the crystal ball say???
E cigs and new "warming" products (pmi testing overseas) will tell the short term tale...
     Sab miller shares are on the balance sheet for 6 billion. They are worth 18-20 billion at current market conditions....what could you buy for 18 billion dollars???? Or be debt free and generate a couple of billion dollars a year in cash??? Or send your shareholders a one time dividend of $10.00 PER share!!! Don't hit the sell button just while your sipping a cold one and thinking, make sure it's a sab/miller product! My dividends thank you!!

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