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A place for friends to gather and view stock market charts, discuss technical analysis and market outlook. What is your Principal Asset? How can it be developed? Each and all should do their own due dilligence and homework before investing. And by no means should you use anything I say or show here as a sole basis to buy or sell securities as everything is for educational experience only.

Friday, May 9, 2008


The DOW is facing an imortant line in this uptrend. Will it hold?
Checkout ACH this could double this year IF the global growth picture continues.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dykstra's AMGN pick

Our favorite Deep in the money former hard-nose baseball player is currently picking AMGN for his next Call. By taking a look at the different time frames one can see that he may be on to something here. The 10 year monthly chart below shows AMGN basing on the 200 month EMA.
The 5 year weekly shows the lackluster strength of the latest bull move off multi-year lows into the mid-channel off the last fall on low volume.
The 6 month Daily makes it intesting with the flattening out of the 5-day, 20-day, 50-Day EMA's. It is pounding the underside of the 50-Day and could make themove back to the 200-Day EMA at $48.50 in a hurry once it clears with volume.
The 10-Day - 10 min chart shows the retracement of the latest bull charge finding support and bouncing off the 50% line an making higher highs and higher lows.

DIA trend, GOOG & AAPL H&S patterns

The current uptrend on the DOW is hitting a retracement level. It is uncanny how the channel lines give us price levels for trading.
GOOG may bounce off the $61o level and fill the gap up from $500 or one could view the forming of a H&S pattern topping here and back to $420 GOOG goes.....
AAPL may be forming an inverterd H&S pattern and could finish the run to test new highs only to fall back to the $160 level.